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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the wedding cinematography products that we offer.

  • How do the interviews work?

    • We sit down with both members of the couple individually on the night of the rehearsal. We ask you to tell us your love story up to this point-- how you met, when you started to fall for each other, and so on. We record your answers using a wireless microphone (we do not record video during the interviews, so no need to dress up!). We then cut and arrange this audio along with footage from your wedding day to create a one-of-a-kind personalized film. About half of our clients opt to do the interviews, with the other half preferring to incorporate audio from their ceremonies or private vows.

  • Where are you based? Are you willing to travel?​​

    • We are currently based in both southeast Georgia & northwest Alabama. We are available for weddings nationwide.​

  • How long have you been working in the wedding industry? What experience do you have?

    • We have been filming weddings professionally since 2014. We've filmed over 200 weddings in eight different states.​

  • Do you offer drone footage?

    • We fly a drone at every wedding where it is possible to do so. We may be unable to fly a drone in some circumstances at the discretion of the pilot. Our drone footage is always complimentary; therefore, no refunds will be offered in the event that we cannot fly.​

  • Do you provide the raw footage from my wedding?​

    • With our highlight videos, you receive all of the good footage from your wedding day, edited together and exported into a set of easy-to-view mp4 files. We do not provide unedited video files to our clients.​

  • How many people will film my wedding?​

    • The majority of our clients book a single cinematographer for up to twelve hours on the wedding day. We may be able to offer a second-shooter, depending on our availability.

  • When will I receive my videos?​

    • We post a one-minute teaser video to our social media within one week of the wedding. Full films are posted within two months of the wedding. For the Documentary package, final USBs are delivered within three to four months.​

  • How can I book you?

    • Please reach out through our Contact tab to check our availability and get a custom quote for your wedding. If you are interested in booking, we will draft a contract for you to review. A signed contract and deposit are required to secure your date.

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